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Mark Anthony Trevino - Hi, I’m Ant. I’m not obsessed with ants or anything and though Ant-Man was a cool movie that didn’t inspire my name as well. Ant is just short for Anthony. I started playing Hearthstone back in 2014 around the time of its release after I saw a friend of mine playing it at our Local Game Store. I played MTG before Hearthstone, and was always being plagued by not living near big events to play in. Hearthstone helped with that problem since I can stay home and still play a competitive card game. A few month after playing I had qualified for the America’s Championship and got to flying to New York to compete against some of the region's best. I sadly came up short or qualifying for Worlds, but it left me with the realization that I have what it takes to compete against some of the best and is something I could try and pursue doing full time. Since then, I never stopped competing and putting time into playing ladder and tournament. I have many top 100 finishes with a Rank 1 finish in October of 2016. Majors were difficult for me to get out to with a majority being in Europe, but I did get to play in the first Dreamhack Austin in 2016 where I made Top 8. 2017 is the year I’ve had the most success by making Top 4 of both HCT playoffs Americas and Spring Championship which qualifies me for the World Championship.